IPL 2024, MI vs LSG: LSG Defeat MI by 18 Runs – Match Highlights

IPL 2024, MI vs LSG Match Highlights: Lucknow Super Giants Beat Mumbai Indians by 18 Runs

The IPL 2024 clash between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) was a pivotal match in the tournament, impacting the standings and playoff prospects for both teams. MI, a franchise with a rich history of success, faced LSG, a comparatively newer team eager to make a mark. The match was anticipated not just for the cricketing skills on display but also for the strategic battles between two strong sides. With high stakes, passionate fans, and a buzzing stadium atmosphere, this encounter promised to be a thrilling spectacle in the league.

Pre-Match Build-Up

Leading up to the match, both teams showcased mixed forms. MI, known for their strong starts and consistent performances, were looking to consolidate their position in the top half of the table. LSG, on the other hand, had shown flashes of brilliance but struggled with consistency. Key players like Rohit Sharma for MI and KL Rahul for LSG were under the spotlight, with fans and analysts keenly watching their form and fitness. Predictions were divided, with some expecting MI’s experience to prevail, while others believed LSG’s youthful exuberance could cause an upset.

Toss and Team Line-Ups

Immediate strategic consequences resulted from MI’s victory in the toss. They elected to bowl first, aiming to exploit early morning conditions. MI’s line-up boasted star players like Jasprit Bumrah and Suryakumar Yadav, while LSG relied on KL Rahul and Marcus Stoinis. Both teams made tactical changes, with MI bringing in an extra spinner considering the pitch conditions and LSG opting for a balanced attack. The selections reflected their strategies, with MI aiming to restrict LSG’s scoring while LSG focused on setting a challenging total.

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First Innings: Lucknow Super Giants Batting

Opening Partnership

LSG’s openers started cautiously, focusing on building a solid foundation. KL Rahul and Quinton de Kock faced MI’s pace attack with determination, rotating the strike and punishing loose deliveries. The partnership laid a steady platform, ensuring no early wickets fell, which is crucial in T20 cricket. Their approach balanced caution with aggression, setting the tone for the innings and building momentum.

Middle Order Performance

The middle order capitalized on the solid start. Batters like Deepak Hooda and Nicholas Pooran played crucial innings, accelerating the scoring rate. Strategic shot selection and smart running between the wickets were evident, along with a few big hits that electrified the crowd. Important partnerships kept the tempo of the innings high and placed LSG in a great position throughout this phase.

Death Overs Blitz

In the final overs, LSG’s lower order, including Stoinis and Krunal Pandya, unleashed a flurry of boundaries and sixes. They exploited the power play restrictions, targeting MI’s bowlers aggressively. This blitz significantly boosted the total, adding valuable runs that can often be decisive in T20 cricket. Their explosive batting in the death overs ensured LSG set a formidable target for MI to chase.

First Innings Scorecard

LSG finished their innings at a competitive 190/6. KL Rahul’s anchoring innings, supported by crucial contributions from Hooda and Pooran, were standout performances. Each player’s strike rate reflected their aggressive intent, and the total set MI a challenging target. The scorecard highlighted a balanced team effort, with each batsman playing their part in achieving a strong total.

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Second Innings: Mumbai Indians Batting

Opening Partnership

MI’s chase began with their openers, Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan, taking the crease. They started aggressively, aiming to utilize the power play overs. However, disciplined bowling from LSG’s pacers, particularly Mohsin Khan and Avesh Khan, curtailed their scoring opportunities. Early wickets, including Rohit’s dismissal, put pressure on MI’s middle order.

Middle Order Collapse

The middle order struggled to stabilize the innings. Despite brief resistance from Suryakumar Yadav and Tilak Varma, regular wickets fell due to tight bowling and sharp fielding. Key dismissals, including Yadav’s wicket by Ravi Bishnoi, shifted momentum firmly in LSG’s favor. The collapse highlighted MI’s vulnerability under pressure and their over-reliance on a few key players.

Lower-order resistance

MI’s lower order, featuring Tim David and Cameron Green, fought valiantly to keep the chase alive. They scored quickly, targeting LSG’s spinners and keeping hopes alive for a comeback. However, the mounting required run rate and consistent fall of wickets made the task increasingly difficult. Despite their efforts, MI fell short, emphasizing the importance of a strong middle-order performance in T20 cricket.

Second Innings Scorecard

MI ended their innings at 172/8, falling short by 18 runs. Surya Kumar Yadav’s 48 and Cameron Green’s 35 were notable performances, but a lack of substantial partnerships led to their downfall. The scorecard revealed the effectiveness of LSG’s bowling attack and strategic field placements, which successfully defended their total.

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Bowling Performances

Lucknow Super Giants Bowlers

Mohsin Khan, whose early breakthroughs set the tone, led LSG’s bowling attack. Ravi Bishnoi’s spin in the middle overs stifled MI’s scoring, and Stoinis’s all-round performance added to MI’s troubles. The bowlers maintained tight lines, exploiting the pitch conditions effectively. Their disciplined approach and tactical acumen played a crucial role in securing the victory.

Mumbai Indians Bowlers

Despite the loss, MI’s bowlers had notable performances. Bumrah’s early spells were economical and threatening, while Piyush Chawla provided key breakthroughs in the middle overs. However, the lack of support from other bowlers and expensive death overs allowed LSG to post a challenging total. MI’s bowlers showed moments of brilliance but lacked consistency across the innings.

Fielding Highlights

Fielding played a significant role, with both teams showcasing exceptional skills. LSG’s fielders were particularly sharp, with crucial run-outs and stunning catches. Krunal Pandya’s diving catch and Bishnoi’s direct hit were standout moments. MI also had their moments, but a few missed chances and overthrows cost them valuable runs, highlighting the importance of fielding in close matches.

Key Moments of the Match

Several turning points defined the match. Rahul’s composed half-century and Stoinis’s late blitz were crucial for LSG’s total. MI’s early wickets, particularly Rohit Sharma’s, shifted momentum. Bishnoi’s economical spell and critical wickets during the middle overs were pivotal. Finally, the lower-order resistance from MI, though valiant, wasn’t enough to overcome LSG’s disciplined bowling and strategic fielding.

Post-Match Presentation

Man of the Match

Marcus Stoinis was awarded the Man of the Match for his all-round performance. His explosive batting in the death overs and key wickets with the ball were instrumental in LSG’s victory. In his interview, Stoinis credited the team’s collective effort and strategic planning for the win.

Captains’ Remarks

KL Rahul praised his team’s resilience and execution of plans, emphasizing the importance of maintaining momentum in the tournament. Rohit Sharma acknowledged the effort but pointed out areas needing improvement, particularly the middle order’s performance. Both captains highlighted the competitive spirit and quality of cricket played.

Statistical Highlights

The match saw several statistical milestones. KL Rahul’s half-century added to his impressive IPL tally. Ravi Bishnoi’s economical spell was one of his career-best performances. MI’s total of 172/8, despite the loss, featured significant individual contributions but lacked collective cohesion. The stats underscored key performances that influenced the match’s outcome.

Fans and Social Media Reactions

Fans were vocal and passionate, with social media abuzz with reactions. LSG’s supporters celebrated the win, praising key players. MI fans expressed disappointment but also acknowledged standout performances. Memes, tweets, and posts highlighted the drama and excitement of the match, reflecting the deep emotional investment of IPL fans.

Expert Analysis

Cricket experts provided in-depth analysis post-match. They highlighted LSG’s tactical execution and MI’s reliance on key players. The effectiveness of LSG’s bowlers in crucial phases and MI’s middle-order struggles were focal points. Experts also discussed potential strategies for upcoming matches, emphasizing adaptability and consistency.

Future Implications

This win boosted LSG’s standings, enhancing their playoff prospects. MI, facing a crucial juncture in the tournament, needed to reassess and bounce back in upcoming matches. The result added pressure on MI to secure wins in their remaining fixtures. For LSG, maintaining momentum and building on this victory were key to solidifying their position in the top half of the table.


The match between MI and LSG was a testament to the thrilling nature of IPL cricket. LSG’s individual talent shone through as they played with strategic smarts, securing a hard-earned win. MI, despite valiant efforts, faced critical areas needing improvement. As the tournament progresses, both teams will look to learn and adapt, aiming for a strong finish in IPL 2024.


Q: Who won the IPL 2024 match between MI and LSG?

Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) won the match against Mumbai Indians (MI) by 18 runs.

Q: Who was the Man of the Match in the MI vs. LSG IPL 2024 match?

Marcus Stoinis was awarded the Man of the Match for his all-round performance.

Q: What was the final score of the Mumbai Indians in the match against the Lucknow Super Giants?

The Mumbai Indians scored 172/8 in their innings, falling short by 18 runs.

Q: What were the key performances in the LSG vs. MI match?

A: Key performances included KL Rahul’s half-century, Marcus Stoinis’s explosive batting and bowling, and Ravi Bishnoi’s economical spell.

Q: How did the toss influence the MI vs. LSG match?

The Mumbai Indians won the toss and chose to bowl first, aiming to exploit early conditions, but LSG’s disciplined batting and strategic execution countered their plans effectively.

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