Musheer Khan's 'helicopter shot' at ICC U19 World Cup

The trademark shot is that hidden weapon in Dhoni's armor helicop shot

"Sachin Tendulkar’s Straight Drive: unmatched class in executing a cricket classic."

Ricky Ponting’s pull shots makes him the best puller of the world

Rahul Dravid's stunning square cut strikes the bowler

The late-cut by record-holder Brian Lara, who had a variety of shots at his disposal

Kevin Pietersen's switch hit: a modern, innovative shot in cricket 

Virender Sehwag’s uppercut to bouncers was uniquely effective 

AB de Villiers's 360 Shot: signature move, stance, bat manipulate for versatile hits

"Virat Kohli’s Cover Drive: hailed as Sachin’s successor in the cricketing world."

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